Bound to Serve (1)

I really enjoyed this story!

Vanillamom's Blog

She checked one last time to make sure all was in place before His arrival back home. They didn’t always have the time for this, but when it was possible, she made it happen. Imagining the pleasure on His face, she quickly moved to the front door as she heard His car turn into the driveway. Dressed as He preferred – black wisps of lace covering tits and pussy, shiny black stiletto’s on her feet- she moved into position. Head down, offering her submission. Ass and pussy up, offering her body. Her arms  stretched back along her sides, ready to open herself for His pleasure. She quivered in anticipation. His shoe scuffed the steps, His footfalls sounded on the front porch, His key slid into the lock. The door opened, and if she’d had the daring to look at Him, she would have seen Him pause and smile. He stood with…

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