Why did I give this story a “!”?

This is a response to Master’s request as to why I reposted the story from VanillaMom and why I said that I liked it and why I gave it a “!”. Story here: https://vanillamom.wordpress.com/2015/03/21/bound-to-serve-1/

Many things in this story by VanillaMom, made me hot. My Master asked me to specify what it was that made me give this story an exclamation. So here are my thoughts:

I love the way this story seems realistic. This situation might be one that my Master might enjoy. I know that he likes me to dress up in lingerie and stockings. Posing in such a way in wait for him makes me very hot. The thought of not looking up to see what is going on. The submission to what will happen next. I like that. I want to be submissive and at times, not to have a say, just to have to do. The slight chance that others might see their Dominance and Submission is terrifying, yet exciting to me. Since she didn’t know what was going to happen, she was scared, yet she obviously was in total trust. I have that trust, too and would feel the same, I believe. It made me very hot, that in the story, he said, “open” and she was to spread wide for him her ass cheeks for him to use her pussy or her ass as he pleased. Having her asshole and pussy slightly whipped is extremely hot to me, even though I, myself, am not sure how much I can actually take. I love the way that real life entered in and it was time for dinner. She served him dinner, which I ADORE. This is not something that I normally do for my Master, because he is very picky and prefers to make his own dinner to his own specifications. But I love the idea of serving him, like a waitress or servant. The thought of my master eating his food off my belly, ok, that is really NOT a turn on for me, but the thought of him controlling my food like that – YES! Maybe not for me to eat off of the floor like a dog, although I would if he desired, but giving me a plate and removing it when he felt fit, is very submissive to me. Later, the breast torture – I am finding that it turns me on immensely to have my breasts and nipples slapped and tortured. It kind of humiliates me. I think that since I have have average or smallish boobs, that my boobs have not been much of a focus in my life and therefore I am NOW feeling an immense feeling when attention is paid to them. I wonder if others feel this way. My Master loves my tits and often says or shows me. This is so different and new that I feel immense pleasure and submission when he pays attention to them. I am proud that he desires to touch them or squeeze them or pinch or slap or otherwise torture them. I actually feel my clit swell with attention to my breasts. Yeah, its awesome.
An interesting idea to refrigerate lube and butt plug. I get the feeling that my Master may like to do more with my ass, but is reticent due to my reactions at times. I’m not sure though. I wish I knew. I guess here is an issue for communication. LOL I also like the rubber band torture. Just another thing that I think that my Master might like me to “take it”. It turns me on more to know that he wants it and desires it, versus that I might like a little pain. Understand the difference? I also loved that in the story, he sucked her clit, which I love. And I loved the fact that she was tied and could not resist. That is actually scary for me, but I want to experience it more, and therefore, the thought is hot. And then, last, but not least, I LOVED the way they rested entwined together after sex. Mmmmmmmmm! Yep, definitely a “!”.


  1. LOL….I hope when you got back to the bedroom that you were bound up and forced to take it…and take it…and take it…until you were exhausted by coming, and slept tightly to one another. 😀

    ps…I love that you got all that from the first chapter. You were affected all those bits…and that means a lot to me as a writer. Thank you!

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