“You Can Take It For Me!”

There are many words and phrases that we, as submissives, desire, yes, CRAVE, to hear. Over time, different words or phrases have made my insides cinch up and my face feel hot and I desire to serve. I love to hear, “Good Girl!”, but most recently, a new phrase has caught my submissive ear.

The phrase, “You can take it for me!” is such an intense phrase with so much to it. I have come to realize that I desire to please so much, that I want desperately to make my Master sexually pleased, in whatever way he desires. If it is in pain or degradation, then I want to do it. Sometimes, ok, a lot of the time, I am a total baby when it comes to pain. Quite a quandary, considering I like pain once I get to that certain point after buildup. And I desire pain a lot of times. Like when I’m not feeling good about myself or when I am really stressed. It really is a stress reliever. But when I hear the words, “You can take it for me!” I notice that I instantaneously become so compliant. It’s really kind of weird.

Anyone else experience this?


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