Master is being mysterious.

Okay, so her Master is being mysterious, you might think. So what? So, usually he is not mysterious about us going out to play/ have sex. In fact, he has NEVER said what he said to me a little while ago. 

He said, “just letting you know that we will be going out to have sex later.” Cool! I thought. He must have found someone new to play with since he didn’t name names. Usually he follows this, no, he ALWAYS follows this with details about the couple or single, names, ages, bi or not, pics, etc.   But this time, he didn’t. I just looked at him. He said- what? I said – details? He wouldn’t give me any details!

And then he reminded me of how I disobeyed him earlier in the day. I laughed. He said something to the efeect of next time I would remember tonight before disobeying him. 

I am torn between- yeah right! And – uh oh!

Details later.

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