Speak Text

First, a word of advice for a smart phone user:


I thought it would be really cool, and helpful to turn on my SPEAK TEXT awhile back because I thought I could listen to stories and posts while I was driving.   LOL

Well, I never did use it while I was driving because it was too much of a pain.

And then……I FORGOT that I had it enabled.  L……O………L!

Last Friday, I had to go to an Urgent Care facility for a work related injury.  I hate going to those places because you literally have to wait for hours.  But, since it was work related, I couldn’t go to my regular doctor.  Master took me and we signed in and sat down, for a really, really long wait.  Estimated time till you are seen is posted on a screen.  It said 1 hour 40 minutes.  But it was a lie.  And there were TONS of people in the waiting room.  The waiting room is huge!  We got there about 3:45pm, I think, and  I think we left after 8:00pm.

Of course, having nothing to do, we both get out our iphones and do our thing.  He playing bejeweled and me checking emails and reading posts.  I get an email from My Own Joy that she reblogged a post: https://celestiajoy13.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/my-slaves-offering-whipsong/

which originally came from https://exposedloving.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/my-slaves-offering-whipsong/

The story:  The story was H O T.  Yes, it was.  While I’m reading, I accidentally double clicked something and all of the sudden, yes, indeed, it really happened.  My phone started speaking.  WHAT THE FUCK!!!  I jump and start manipulating everything I can on the phone.  THE PHONE IS ON FUCKING MUTE!!!  But it is NOT muting!!!  Thought it seemed minutes, it was only seconds before I was able to get it to stop and I have NO IDEA how I did that either.  OMG.  I was dying!   My heart was pounding and I was having pain!  My Master laughed and has continued to tease me since Friday.  UGH!

Again…..DON’T turn on your SPEAK TEXT…..EVER!!!!


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