Who likes yoga?

 I never thought I’d like yoga, surprisingly, I love it. 

I was very excited to join the gym that I now go to. My reasoning was because we were moving to a smaller place and I had to get rid of my treadmill, which I actually loved walking on while I watched netflix. I cannot do much aerobics, so no running for me. 

So, I started out with the treadmill. These treadmills were really nice, even with a tv on them. And you could plug in your cell phone to charge. And there was never a wait. 

Then I thought I might try a class or two. After all, all classes are included with membership! I liked the weight lifting classes because all levels were in it and the music was so loud and motivating. Granted, I was in the 2.5 pound range of weights, but so what? Others were too. They worked every part of body, abs too. All equipment is provided. So I went with that awhile. 

Then I was feeling so tired and thought I still need to go to gym. I’ll try the yoga. Gentle yoga to start. Oh I loved it. I felt so good, so stretched, so refreshed, so rested. Yep, I loved it!

At first, no kidding, I could not reach my toes. Haha! Let alone balance into a pose. But now, I can reach my toes and my balance is so much better! I still can’t do most of the poses, but yoga is one class where you are encouraged not to push yourself. You are encouraged not to compare or even look at your neighbor and modifications s are always given so you don’t feel stupid or inadequate. I see all levels everytime I go. Some better than me, ok, most. But some not as good either. I don’t leave class totally exhausted, either. 

So, who’s up for Yoga!?!


  1. I used to do Yoga years ago, had to stop when i became ill, but i found it very relaxing physically as well as mentally, its worth sticking with.

    Im tempted to go back to it, i wasnt that great at some of the positions, but it certainly gave me more flexability and my body was more supple, which is handy for bondage πŸ™‚

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