I want….

I want for my Master to desire me more than anything else.

I want to be made to do things or try things that I haven’t before, and may be somewhat scared or embarrassed to do so. 

I want to be dominated in public more – perhaps just given simple commands such as “come here”, or hmmmm what else?  This one would be easier if I was somewhere that no one knew me, but maybe told to do some humiliating things, like kneeling down on the ground. Or revealing my boobs. Or being pinched in the nipple in front of others. 

I want more physical punishment and torture. What kinds? Spankings that leave marks, nipple and breast torture, pussy torture, fucked more in the ass. 

I think I would like to be tied more and then punished so that I couldn’t escape. 

Fucked hard with various objects. I wonder if that would please my Master?

Being talked to kind of hateful, but not in a I hate you sort of way. No, more of a you fucking slut. You are not listening to me. Down on your knees. Take your fucking punishment!  I would know that my Master cares for me, but this kind of talk is a turn on for me because I feel humiliated and very sub and full of submission. 

Being naked and having to lay on a dirty floor. I’m a little ocd, so anything dirty makes me feel, well, dirty. And that makes me feel small and very much like submitting.

I would like to be made to submit to others under my Master’s direction.

I want to feel more subness and I want to please my Master and be a part of whatever makes his cock hard.

I wonder what else that might make my Master’s cock hard? 

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