On the Road Blog Again

I’ve been away for some time. The reasons? Well, several. First, I’ve been afraid to express some of my feelings to the world for fear that my Master/Dom would not be happy or be offended etc… This is, of course, because he reads all my blog posts. He was not happy with a blog post that I posted and it just kind of turned me off of blogging. Since then, however, he has remedied this problem by simply asking him to approve the post, first. Easy enough. Then again, however, there has been issues between us. Issues that I’m not sure that he is comfortable sharing with the world. We will see. Rather than just saying, oh, well, no blogging. I have decided to jump in and go with it. If he doesn’t like what I want to post, then I will know, since he has to approve beforehand. And, I feel that I need to express myself. I do have a private blog that I share my feelings on, but not to the world. But I want feedback. I want to connect. It is so hard to connect when you are into BDSM. Another issue that I had was that my blog was attached to my fetlife account. Fetlife sucks most of the time. So, I decided to disconnect from the website. Why? Well, I might want to share something that happened on fetlife and so I don’t want to be targeted, you know? So, I’m back to blogging and eager to get back into some online friendships. Sometimes, being different is lonely, you know?