Struggling with intimacy

Wow. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this post resonates with me. I almost feel like I wrote it. My thinking and reaction would have/ is the same. Yelling out, “red, I’m done”? I had to chuckle because it sounded just like me! And then, I, too, would have dissolved into tears. Communication is the key, yes, but it is hard. It is full of complicated and conflicting emotions. Sigh..can so relate.

Result of Asking for a Whipping.

I was drinking, wanting attention, wanting to be spanked or whipped, as I posted.

My Master read the post, came in and proceeded to “pay me some attention”!

Following are copies of the conversation that he had with a friend about the experience. 












I wish that I could afford to get my nails done. I love the gel nails. I feel so sexy. I feel so feminine. It really wouldn’t go with my job that well. But, must my job define me? The fact that my Master has said before that he likes it, makes me want it even more. My enticing fingernails around his cock, as i lick and suck. mmmmmmm. The only deterrent is sticking fingers up a woman’s pussy, then you have to be careful. 😉


I hate it when I want attention and I can’t get it. I know that makes me seem like a little brat. But, honestly, I don’t think that I EVER ask for attention. Master C is paying attention to my son, which I am happy for, I need some Dominance right now, though. I am a little lit, true, with wine. It is soooo hard, sometimes to be me.

Master is being mysterious.

Okay, so her Master is being mysterious, you might think. So what? So, usually he is not mysterious about us going out to play/ have sex. In fact, he has NEVER said what he said to me a little while ago. 

He said, “just letting you know that we will be going out to have sex later.” Cool! I thought. He must have found someone new to play with since he didn’t name names. Usually he follows this, no, he ALWAYS follows this with details about the couple or single, names, ages, bi or not, pics, etc.   But this time, he didn’t. I just looked at him. He said- what? I said – details? He wouldn’t give me any details!

And then he reminded me of how I disobeyed him earlier in the day. I laughed. He said something to the efeect of next time I would remember tonight before disobeying him. 

I am torn between- yeah right! And – uh oh!

Details later.

Bound to Serve (1)

I really enjoyed this story!

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She checked one last time to make sure all was in place before His arrival back home. They didn’t always have the time for this, but when it was possible, she made it happen. Imagining the pleasure on His face, she quickly moved to the front door as she heard His car turn into the driveway. Dressed as He preferred – black wisps of lace covering tits and pussy, shiny black stiletto’s on her feet- she moved into position. Head down, offering her submission. Ass and pussy up, offering her body. Her arms  stretched back along her sides, ready to open herself for His pleasure. She quivered in anticipation. His shoe scuffed the steps, His footfalls sounded on the front porch, His key slid into the lock. The door opened, and if she’d had the daring to look at Him, she would have seen Him pause and smile. He stood with…

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