Master’s Rules for Hispreciouspet

Master’s Rules for hispet

Basic Rules

1. Permission Ask permission prior to events.

A. Getting on the computer.

B. Taking a shower.

C. Taking a nap.

D. Eating.

E. Changing clothes.

F. Making phone calls.

2. Behavior

Behaving submissive is key to both stimulating submissive feelings in yourself as well as showing respect to your Dominant.

A. Do not raise your voice.

B. Wait attentively for responses.

C. Make honest attempts to full directions and obey commands.


1. Make Coffee When presenting coffee always stand next to your Master with coffee in hand and eyes down. Wait for your Master to take the coffee from your hands.

2. Make sure to ask for permission prior to showering and then dressing.

3. Inquire as to which perfume should be worn for the day.


1. Wait in or by the car to be escorted inside.

2. Once inside make sure to kiss your Master prior to addressing other issues.

3. Inquire as to what your Master wishes for you to do now that you are home prior to making plans.


1. Lay out the next day’s clothes

a.  New/Old Rule (added August 2011) – Master will choose all clothing, underclothing, and shoes at all times.

2. Inquire as to what meal preparations should be taken.

3. Inquire as to your Master’s desires for the evening.

4. Read and or update your submissive blog.

Bed Time

1. Inform your Master that you are ready to prepare for bed.

2. Strip naked and present yourself for inspection by your Master

3. Present the clothing you wish to wear to bed to your Master.

Master always wants me to be on his right side

Rules added 2011:

* – To text Master at least 2 times during work.

* – To blog daily.

* – To blog topics that he may request.

More Rules Added:

* – Straighten bedroom daily.

* – Suck Master’s Cock daily.


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