Let’s talk about a kink.  How about Abrasion?  Hmmm….Merriam Webster says – 

 an injury caused by something that rubs or scrapes against the skin

: the act or process of damaging or wearing away something by rubbing, grinding, or scraping

From what I’ve read, this could include use of sandpaper or brushes in rubbing the skin.


I’ve only gotten abrasions as a side note. I’ve gotten rug burns on my knees more than once from sucking my Master’s cock and from crawling on my knees. The past several years we have only lived in places without carpet, so it’s been awhile. I’ve also gotten abrasions on my pussy and thighs from where I’ve shaved combined with a lot of fucking.

I’ve not received abrasions on purpose as a way for a Dom/Master to inflict torture on me. I think it would hurt but probably not too bad. It might be interesting to experience as a method of actual torture. Wonder how my Master would feel about that? Meaning I wonder if it is something that my Master might enjoy inflicting on me. Would it turn him on? Because I’m really all for ANYTHING that turns him on. mmmm.

This story has a few sentences in it regarding abrasion on nipples with a toothbrush.

The thought of a toothbrush on my nipples…ooo…makes me hot!