Animal Roleplay

The main three animals that I have read about in BDSM play are ponies, puppies, and kittens. My Master, I don’t think, is that much into animal role play. He has bought a dog collar for me which I have worn on occasion, as well as a leash. Mostly, in accordance with puppy or dog play, has been his power over me to make me bark, which I hate! He does enjoy humiliating me that way.

I really haven’t been all that interested in animal play, probably due to the fact that my Master doesn’t seem interested in it. However, I have read some stories that did seem interesting. I think that I can find stories interesting even though I may not be interested in doing them myself. The pony play doesn’t interest me, especially when I’ve actually seen women portraying a pony and actually pulling a little cart. I just don’t think, that I am strong enough for that. Plus I’m pretty little at just 5’2. It would be extremely humiliating, though. I also have seen a lot of pictures of anal plugs with beautiful hair tails. Honestly, that might be somewhat fun/beautiful but also humiliating. The puppy play that I’ve read about really interested me in a few stories and I think it was because of the humiliation factor. Also, because it seemed sooo taboo. I remember reading this one story where this girl was made to get up in the morning, and was taken out to pee in the yard! Oh, my goodness, that was humiliating. And then because she had gotten pee on herself, her Master sprayed her off with a hose. (The hose spray sounds humiliating and could really put me in a submissive mode, I think, except for the fact that I couldn’t stand the cold water!) The kitten play appeals to me in the sense that some of the stories that I’ve read portrayed the kitten curled up and being petted and that appeals to me. Basically, I think the part that appeals to me is not the kitten play, per se, but the cuddling. I also liked the thought of being made to curl up in a big cat bed – also, more the submission factor. And for some reason, all these animal play things that I’ve seen, the girls are all naked except for accessories and being naked makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable and therefore more submissive.

Day 25 of 30 Days of Submission: Items, Objects or Rituals

Day 25 – Are there items, objects or rituals that represent or help you express submission? If not, have you ever thought of adding or being gifted one? Is there a special significance to these objects or rituals?

First, I’ll address the items or objects that help represent my expression of submission. Often a sub has a collar of sorts. Usually, it is something that is given by the Master to the sub for her to wear as a representation of her submission to HIM. The first thing of this sort was my belly button ring. I chose to get a belly button ring as a subtle adornment to show that I belonged to my Master. I asked him for help in choosing my first belly button ring. I got my belly button pierced and wore a small pure gold ring with a fake diamond stone. It was huge for me! My Master told me that it would be my collar. I wear it to this day. In 2006, we got engaged and married. I wear a custom made engagement ring and a wedding ring. We have very unique matching wedding bands with very significant meaning. They are of my Master’s design and choosing. Then a few years ago, my Master bought me a silver Cartier Love bracelet. It is permanent. He bought and gave it to me at Christmas and screwed it together on my arm with the accompanying silver screw driver. It is never to be removed except by him. It has been on my wrist ever since. 🙂 sigh……. so romantic!

I would love to have a permanent collar or necklace like collar that is permanently locked onto my neck. I would also love to have a tattoo. Actually, I want a couple that are representative of my relationship. First I would like to have my Master’s initials tattooed onto my pussy lips. Second, I would like to have a bdsm symbol tattoo, somewhere on my body. Thirdly I would like to have a matching tattoo with my Master of his design. (I actually have 2 more tattoos in mind that are not bdsm related and no, currently I have no tattoos. haha)

Now, for the subject of rituals. Hmmmmm…..exactly what is a ritual.

rit·u·al adjective \ˈri-chə-wəl, -chəl; ˈrich-wəl\
: done as part of a ceremony or ritual

: always done in a particular situation and in the same way each time

Okay, that helps. I don’t have that many rituals that I currently practice, but I know that my Master and I look forward to adding more into our lives. I make coffee every morning for my Master and I follow a particular routine and method each time, so I think it might be called a ritual.

I always walk on the right side of my Master or slightly behind him.

I never wear perfume without asking my Master and hearing his decision for perfume for the day.

I look forward to sharing any new rituals!!!