:: Make Her Feel Dominated

Make her feel dominated. Pin her against the wall or on the bed – let her feel your weight – Manhandle her – use your hands to feel every inch. Put your hands on her throat, in her mouth. Pick her up. Pull her hair. Just a few ways to make her feel your dominance.


Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience? If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

Even though my first sexual partner and I did not know BDSM nor did we call it anything like that, we did engage in BDSM.  I guess my first kinky experiences would be those involved with spanking with my first sexual partner.  Or perhaps the many times that he “made” me undress while he drove down the road.  But, one particular experience that I masturbated to for years was what happened one night when I was invited by my boyfriend to spend the night shift with him at the hospital where he worked as security guard.  I had thought we might have sex and have sex we did!  I particularly enjoyed fucking in an empty doctor office waiting room that was inside the hospital.  The scene where I felt particularly dominated, was when we were in the staff lounge and he started making the moves on me and before I knew it, he had me on the ground, removed my jeans and panties and made me spread my legs wide while he fingered my pussy. I was scared to death that another employee was going to walk in, but that really made it hotter.  I told him that I was worried about it, but he shushed me and kept on playing with me.  I was getting really hot when he pointed out the video security camera located in a corner of the lounge and pointed right at me and my exposed pussy.  Ok, so then, I really started to freak out, but he kept me pinned down and was kissing me then to keep me from staring at the camera.  I knew that he wanted me to come first or he wasn’t about to let me up.  I came violently and I was so embarrassed, but also felt so small and dominated and felt that he “made” me do it.  The thought of him “making” me do it, later gave way to my thinking that I really loved being dominated and when I discovered BDSM, I knew it was for me.  For many months following this incident, I was scared to death of meeting up with his older brother at some point because I was mortified to learn that he ran the cameras in the hospital at night.  😮