Corner Time

My Master has had me to stand in the corner a few times. They were all for things that he felt I had done wrong or for arguing. I remember the first time thinking, “oh, please, this is stupid and I feel ridiculous….” eye roll.

The other two times that I recall having to stand in the corner were a little different feeling.

One time he told me to take my clothes off. I thought he was going to spank or whip me, but no, then he had me to stand in the corner. Ugh. How humiliating. I felt my face totally red. I actually began to feel bad and wished it were over.

The next time he simply told me to pull my pants down and stand in the corner. Again, I felt humiliated and felt myself going red. And I ALSO felt a little turned on. And this made me more humiliated. I think that this was one of the times when I began to see that being humiliated was a turn-on.

But, I felt weird. I felt humiliated that I felt turned on and that I was red faced about it all. This feeling made me feel extremely submissive. I wanted to crawl on the floor. Even thinking about this makes me want to do more humiliating things because, honestly, I crave submission. I need it. I don’t get enough of it.

But, alas, that is another post.

Master Being Mysterious Turns into Humiliation for me

Sorry that I’m just now getting back to the mysterious night. After I was teased into thinking I might be punished by being fucked by multiple guys, and then finding out it was all just a tease, my Master still had other plans that I didn’t know about.

We sat down to watch some TV and my Master suddenly texted me a number and said, ” Text Lydia and ask her for permission to suck my cock later.” I was like, “what?”

Let me explain who Lydia was. Lydia was someone that I really didn’t know. My Master had found her online and had recently started chatting it up with her. I had never talked or texted her. But, I knew that he was chatting a bit with her and he had told me a thing or two about her. This was a commonplace thing in our life. But telling me to do this task? This was not something that I had done before! I was embarrassed and reluctant. What if she cussed me out or something. Did she know about this ahead of time? I couldn’t even concentrate on the movie because I was slightly mortified. But, I did as my Master requested and texted her. She responded back with, “Yes, you have my permission”. I said, “TY” and she said “You’re welcome.”

So, later, we go to the bedroom and he tells me to get undressed and lay across his lap where he then proceeds to smack my bottom while admonishing me for disobeying him and humiliating me more by talking about how I had to ask for permission to suck his cock. He lets me suck his cock and then fuck him, all the while telling me that he should put me in the corner and force me to listen to him fuck Lydia.

That would be sooo humiliating. I feel my face getting red just thinking about it. And the thought of being humiliated, and my face being red and having no control over the situation like that, makes me feel so submissive that I feel hot and my pussy tingles a bit.

What confusing feelings!

Can anyone relate?

12 Days of BDSM Christmas to my Master!!!!!

I am soooo excited that I have finally finished my 12 days of BDSM Christmas for Master! I had been trying to think of something to give him for Christmas that didn’t cost that much or that cost nothing because we are very short of money this holiday and even had to cancel our traveling plans because of some unexpected expenses. Ahhh, but that is life! So, to make it a wonderful holiday, anyway, I needed to think of something to add to my commitment to make the holiday special despite the recent change in plans. We will be home together for nearly 2 weeks. I have vacation and he works from home. So…..

I wanted to come up with 12 Love Coupons! I looked around on the internet, but mostly what I found was “printable” coupons. I didn’t want those. First off, we don’t have a printer handy. And second of all, we have a son, though he is an adult, I still prefer to keep our sex lives semi-private. Therefore, I didn’t want stray coupons hanging around, especially with specific BDSM activities on them!!

Lo and behold, I came across an awesome iphone app:
It’s called Love Voucher Coupon Designer
You can find it here:
Or you can look in the app store for the name. It’s free, but to add sexy designs, the cost is $1.99.

I almost forgot one of the cool things about this app!!!!  So, you send the “coupon” as a pic, in an email, or as I did, to my Master’s messages on his phone.  He can then “redeem” the coupons by bringing up the coupon from his pics and then I can go to the scan portion of the app on my phone and scan the coupon.  On my app, it will show that the coupon was redeemed by showing a heart.  🙂  So cool!!!!

I have to say, that it is really cool! Ready to view my 12 Days of BDSM Christmas to my Master? Here we go!!!

Giving my Guy a Bath……

OMG!  I am so excited.  My Master, just out the blue, said to me a little while ago,  “You know, now we have a bathtub.  It has been a while since you gave me a bath.  If I’m going to have a bath, you have to bathe me.”

Now, I am so excited that I can hardly stand it.  It’s like a date!  It IS a date!

Details later.

Four Times a Charm?

Yes. I insist. (Though being a submissive, that only goes so far.) We have moved four- 4 – IV times in the past 12 months. Please please let us NEVER move again! Ok. I know that is unrealistic, but I hate moving. It is stressful. So we just moved this past weekend. Then we had no internet and our phone service was also lacking. Plus my computer bit the dust AND now I have a cold. Waaaaaah. See I do have an excuse for not posting but now I need to catch up! Onward!!!

Our New Girlfriend (part 2)

Our new future girlfriend lived about 2-3 hours away. She came to our town and met us at Starbucks. As we drove up to the coffee shop, I saw her sitting at an outside table reading a book. Seeing her sitting there made me very excited! But I also saw right away that her body type was not exactly going to be a plus for my Master. My preferred body type for man or woman is bigger than me with the woman having bigger boobs than I have. I’m more attracted to personality than body type, I think. My Master wanted someone who I would be excited about and so even though his preferred body type is smaller with small boobs, he was interested in her for her attitude. When I first saw her, I was a little let down because I worried about my Master not being as attracted to her as I was. I guess when you are going to share a girlfriend, then you have these issues.
So we sat down and chatted a bit and then we led her to the hotel that my Master had reserved a room in for her. We left her to freshen up while we went home for a bit to get ready for dinner out. We had a nice dinner with nice small talk and then we went back to her hotel. We had a great evening of sex with both me and my Master lavishing attention on her and eating her pussy, fingering her, sucking her nipples and breasts, and making her cum a lot. My Master fucked me and fucked me! I loved it. Interestingly, he did not fuck her. And she did not eat my pussy at all. My Master got us both on our knees and asked her if she wanted to be his second submissive and a sister sub to me. She said yes. I was excited. But, … were things moving too fast???