Kinky 102

I’m excited to try this survey! Thanks to AC!

Accidental Masturbator

When I recently stumbled upon a Kinky 101 online quiz, it won’t surprise you to know, Loyal Reader, that my interest was pricked. As I worked through the questions, I quickly came to the conclusion it wasn’t very kinky. Reading between the lines, I’d guess that it was written by a girl in her late teens, who had had sex a few times, and possibly French kissed another girl, but who had never properly acquainted herself with the world of kink..

Although in the early days of my blogging, one of my readers commented You’re a kinky little thing, I’ve never regarded myself as really kinky, just slightly kinky. But frustrated at the questionnaire’s un-kinkyness, I never completed it. Instead I put together my own Kinky 102. (It’ staken a massive amount of work so please read all this post!)

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Public Displays of our BDSM relationship…

Our relationship has to remain subtle because we have lives that interfere with our life.  LOL  We have family and kids and careers and just life.  Most of our BDSM relationship is expressed behind our bedroom door or if we go out to play with certain people.

But, we do have certain rituals that we perform that show to each other that we are still 24/7 Master/slave.  These things may just look to others like my husband is the “boss” or that I really “adore” my husband.  And guess what?  It’s true!  My husband is the boss and I really do adore him!

So, what are these subtle things?  I may have to add to this list as I think of them.

  • I always “check” with my husband before doing things.
  • I almost never go anywhere by myself.
  • He ALWAYS drives. (It makes him car sick to be a passenger.)
  • He always opens doors for me. (It may seem sweet, but it is also a control, I think.)
  • He “leads” me when we maneuver through crowds or through restaurants. ( I hate to lead the way when we go to our table at restaurants.  He may guide me by a gentle hand on me, or more likely, he may take my hand and go first.)
  • He “orders” for me. (This, after we discuss the menu and I tell him what I want.)
  • I make him coffee every morning and serve him in bed.  I also make him coffee after a “nap”.
  • He does ALL the shopping.  We (family) all add things as needed or wanted to the grocery list on the refrigerator, but he makes final decision as to whether to buy it or not.
  • He does ALL the bills.
  • Basically, he makes most decisions.
  • I ask him daily if there is anything that he wants me to do today.
  • He asks me my plans and often makes me a list or looks over my list of to do for the day.
  • I wear a Cartier love bracelet, which is never removed.
  • He has influence into what I wear.
  • He decides what I buy in shopping for clothing.  I must try on the clothing and show him and he will say whether it is a go or not.

I can’t think of anything else right now.  I’ll add it if I think of it.  I would like for there to be more, but one really has to be creative.