Our New Girlfriend (part 2)

Our new future girlfriend lived about 2-3 hours away. She came to our town and met us at Starbucks. As we drove up to the coffee shop, I saw her sitting at an outside table reading a book. Seeing her sitting there made me very excited! But I also saw right away that her body type was not exactly going to be a plus for my Master. My preferred body type for man or woman is bigger than me with the woman having bigger boobs than I have. I’m more attracted to personality than body type, I think. My Master wanted someone who I would be excited about and so even though his preferred body type is smaller with small boobs, he was interested in her for her attitude. When I first saw her, I was a little let down because I worried about my Master not being as attracted to her as I was. I guess when you are going to share a girlfriend, then you have these issues.
So we sat down and chatted a bit and then we led her to the hotel that my Master had reserved a room in for her. We left her to freshen up while we went home for a bit to get ready for dinner out. We had a nice dinner with nice small talk and then we went back to her hotel. We had a great evening of sex with both me and my Master lavishing attention on her and eating her pussy, fingering her, sucking her nipples and breasts, and making her cum a lot. My Master fucked me and fucked me! I loved it. Interestingly, he did not fuck her. And she did not eat my pussy at all. My Master got us both on our knees and asked her if she wanted to be his second submissive and a sister sub to me. She said yes. I was excited. But, … were things moving too fast???