Saturday Night with “Ben” and “Beatrice”.

Not their REAL names, of course, but we did meet up with them last night. I was busy talking on the phone to my Mom and I got a text from my Master and he said, “Plans tonight. Get ready.” Yikes! I only had an hour!!! Okay…bye to Mom and then jump in the shower and wash hair and shave, including my lady bits. My Master likes me shaven completely. I ask him to check me and he approves.

The plans were to meet up with another couple who just wanted to have same bed sex and then see what happens. They said this was their first time doing this. We met at their apartment, which was really cute. Ben had dark hair and was a bit stocky. Beatrice was also dark-haired and was a little “fluffy” as we like to say. I was definitely the shy one of the bunch, and the less talkative. Fortunately, they brought out a bottle of wine and I started to feel a little more relaxed. After quite a bit of talk, we started to make out on opposite ends of their very large vinyl couch. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, because I LOVE to kiss my Master. My Master started to undress me and we started making out heavier. Eventually, things led to the bedroom and we started to have sex – us on our side of the bed, and them on theirs. Then my Master told me to reach over and touch Beatrice. I hesitated because I was not sure she had any bisexual inclinations and didn’t know if that would be welcome or not. My Master then asked her if she minded. She replied the affirmative and so I began to fondle her fairly large tits. I think they were a nice size, personally. They were bigger than mine, but I don’t think her nipples were as nice as mine even though her nipples were one thing in the pics that were sent to him that he said that he DID like. Soon I was told to eat her pussy, which I, of course, complied. I really, surprisingly to myself, enjoy it. I especially enjoy it if the recipient is showing that she likes it. As soon as my mouth covered her clit and surrounding area, she started making noises and before a few minutes were up, she came. Wow! I love that feeling of success that I feel! A little later, I made her cum with my mouth again. She screamed that time. My Master fucked her and Ben fucked me – hard. I also sucked his cock, gagging several times while he moaned his pleasure. On and on we went for quite some time. Finally, my Master needed me to pay attention to his cock. I happily went to him and sucked his cock and soon he was fucking me, smacking my pussy and tits and his huge cock in my pussy was so welcome and it hurt like a m_______. He was thrusting really hard into me from the edge of the bed and I was yelling, Ow, upon each thrust. After a time, he switched it up a bit and positioned himself so that he was entering me a little more easily. Oh, how I LOVE his cock! mmmmmmmm…

The entire encounter with Ben and Beatrice was pleasant and fun! I made Beatrice cum twice, but I’m not sure that she came at any other time during the night, not even when her husband was banging her in the pussy and in the ass and choking her a bit upon her request. I know my Master came twice. I’m not sure if Ben came? He was semi-hard on and off all night. I didn’t make him cum when I sucked him, which disappointed me. ūüė¶ I thought it was strange that he didn’t cum all night? hmmm…oh, well, I shouldn’t say that at all, because I never came either! LOL I never cum when we play, though. I take a long time to cum. Nevertheless…I think a good time was had by all. They wrote an email the next morning to say that they enjoyed us and hope we can hook up again. Not sure if we will, though, because I don’t think my Master was terribly attracted to the female. On the other hand, I know he enjoyed me. That for me, was the BEST part of all!

TMI Tuesday

1. Create your perfect job. What do you do?

¬† I actually work at my perfect job, except that I don’t make enough money. ¬†LOL ¬†Can’t really elaborate.

2. What person has changed you for the better?

Definitely my Master.  He is so awesome.  And so awesome for me.  He helps me to be more a better me.  

3. Cat person or dog person?

I am more of a dog person, but we have both!!!

4. Who is your favorite relative? Why?

Hmmm…that is a hard one. ¬†I had a cousin that I was really tight with as a teen and young adult. ¬†But now, I don’t really like hanging with my relatives too much.

5. Mop the floor or iron clothes?  

I guess it would have to be mopping the floor. ¬†It doesn’t have to be exact and we live in a very small space. ¬†On the other hand, I just use a spray wrinkly releaser. ¬†LOL

6. Which would you rather have, a swimming pool or a gardener? Why?

Most definitely a swimming pool! ¬†I really don’t have a green thumb. ¬†And I don’t like bugs!

You know I had to throw some sexy at ya...

Bonus: Are you better at giving oral sex or receiving oral sex?

I’ve been told by nearly everyone that I’ve given oral sex to, that I am the best. ¬†Don’t know whether it is true or not, but I love being able to be so good at something like that! ¬†Receiving? – well, I like it, but it is so hard to make me cum and I have an extremely sensitive clit. ¬†On the other hand, when I cum, it is a screaming, head tossing orgasm. ¬†So giving oral is definitely better than receiving it for me!


Masturbating with HOT and COLD

I feel the need to confess one of my masturbation techniques. Why? Well, because my Master is always asking me what I’m thinking about as I masturbate and I’m not sure I really know all the time. However, I think he might like to read this post. And, actually, I can see him being completely befuddled. Why? Because I HATE to be cold. I mean REALLY, REALLY HATE to be cold. I don’t like cold water at all. Does this make any sense? Uh, no.

In the shower, if I feel in the least bit horny, I usually conjure up some fantasy wherein I’m in a situation where I am very vulnerable and I’m being made to masturbate or someone is forcing me (through being tied up or restrained) to submit to being stimulated to orgasm. Who do I imagine this to be? Well, I know it sounds weird, but it is usually a random faceless image of a person. Shrug. Sometimes, okay, often, I imagine that I am undergoing some kind of medical exam and therefore I MUST submit to the stimulation. It usually doesn’t take me long to cum in the shower, but somehow or another, I discovered that I can come really quickly if I gradually change the water temperature from hot – which is how I like my showers, to cooler and cooler all the while letting the water run over my fingers while they rub my clit. I’m imagining that I must submit to this mild torture. And that thought really gets me off. The first time I came this way, I was shocked at myself. How in the world was this possible? I would have told anyone that putting cold water over my clit would make me stop in mid-orgasm!!! But, uh….it…well, it doesn’t. (blush)

Punishment – Mind Blowing Vulnerability

Does sex always make sense? ¬† I NEED to feel a torture/punishment or something of the sort at times. ¬†Sometimes feeling the punishment makes me feel so much better psychologically. ¬†I guess I feel bad about myself for one thing or another. ¬†(Mind you, I have high self-esteem, I believe.) But I often don’t feel that I’m being put in my place enough. ¬†I ¬†not only enjoy being owned, but I crave it. ¬†The punishment makes me feel more subdued and vulnerable and I like that. ¬†To me it is a release of the power that I have continually felt all my life. ¬†I’ve been “in charge” a lot during my childhood and even in adulthood – whether being a parent or while at my job where I have many under that I must “tell what to do”. ¬†It is exhausting and I really don’t think that I’m made to be in charge at all. ¬†I do love my job but by the time I get home, I NEED to not feel that anymore. ¬†I need a break. ¬†I need a release. ¬†I want to be taken care of. ¬†Feeling vulnerable really satisfies that need for me. ¬†To make me feel vulnerable, I need someone to take charge, to make me feel REALLY not in charge, perhaps even to be made to feel small, to feel I have little or no control. ¬†This doesn’t have to be sexual at all, but having an orgasm is very much a vulnerable feeling and not having control over orgasm is even more mind blowing vulnerability. ¬†


I had to write this post after reading slutlyfe’s blog post on orgasm.¬† I used to cum so easily when I was younger.¬† With my fingers, yes, but with a vibrator, almost instantaneously until I was in my 30’s.¬† The problem with me, (should I really say problem?) was that once I came, I came so violently that I did not want anymore stimulation on my clit.¬† I have a really sensitive clit.¬† (Too sensitive, maybe?) Anyway, around the age of 30-35, I began to try to prolong the glorious period right before orgasm.¬† I could make myself stay at almost a peak for a really long time!!!¬† It drives me wild to do so.¬† I become like a different person I think.¬† And my Master always has made me feel that orgasm is not the goal, but instead to stay at that point for as long as possible.¬† The result is also a bonus of a mind blowing, head tossing, sometimes crying and emotional release.¬† Whenever we play, (and when I say play, I mean if we go outside just me and my Master), I do feel pressured to cum, it always seems that others want that goal, and I, too, admittedly have that goal with others.¬† I want to see them cum and be pleasured by me.¬† So, I have said that i have cum, when asked, even though I have not.¬† My Master knows this and respects that I do this, because he realizes that I want to make others happy and not feel bad.¬† An additional bonus to my prolonging my orgasm as a technique is that I have been able to have multiple orgasms with a vibrator.¬† I can go hours and have many orgasms….By that I mean 10 or more and that is really big, mind blowing, screaming orgasms.¬† I can also have very small quick orgasms that cum and go so quickly that I want to immediately have another.¬† I do find a different kind of orgasm when cumming via clit, vagina and anally.¬† To me they feel totally different.¬† All wonderful!!!