Domestic Servitude


According to wikipedia -“In BDSM, servitude refers to performing personal tasks for their dominant partner, as part of their submissive role in a BDSM relationship.
In domestic servitude roles, the submissive can receive pleasure and satisfaction from performing personal services for their dominant, such as serving as a butler, waitress, chauffeur, maid or houseboy.”

Am I into Domestic Servitude? Yes, I think I am. I do like to serve in this way and it makes me feel good. Playing the part of waitress or maid would serve two purposes in my opinion. First the purpose of pleasing the Master, and fulfilling the need to serve by the submissive. Secondly, the purpose of keeping the house clean and meals prepared. Unfortunately, I cannot do a very good job of this at all because I also work a full time job and my energy levels are kind of low. I hate that. I really wish I could take part in this more. ūüė¶ Also, it is way more fulfilling for me to be “made” to do these things, rather than just knowing that I should do these things.

Because of the stress of life, my Master has suggested that we take on a third person – another submissive who has this as a main kink and to become part of our household. He has always talked of having a second submissive. I have always been jealous of this except that if it were someone who really and truly enjoyed being with us both and could be a very good companion, it might be a real enhancement to our relationship. In our case, since I work full time, the second submissive would have the full time job of housekeeping and serving meals. And then also be submissive to my Master, but not to me. We’ll see what the future may bring.

Day 30: Whatever BDSM/kink related thing you want to write about.

I choose ¬†polyamory relationships. ¬†I never in a million years would have thought I would even want to post about this, but when you are in love with someone, you are curious as to their wants and desires. ¬†My Master has always stated that he would like to have two submissives. ¬†He has stated that I would always be his number one submissive and that a second coming in would be just that – second. ¬†And of course in our instance, it would be a female. ¬†(Thus Master plus two female submissives) ¬†I’m not sure how this would actually work and we have discussed at times how this would work. ¬†Previously, my Master has said that usually a first sub is over a second sub, meaning that the second sub is subservient to the first. ¬†However, in our relationship, I really don’t see how I could be comfortable or even have the ability to boss another sub around. ¬†I mean it doesn’t make sense that I wouldn’t be able to, especially since in my job I do have an assistant and at times have had 2 and even 3 assistants. ¬†But, it seems totally different to me. ¬†When I am with my Master which is the 24/7 that I am not at my job or the gym, I am trying to focus on him (or should be) and I honestly don’t want to boss another around. ¬†Also, I know that as far as sex goes, my Master would prefer to have sex with both subs at the same time? ¬†Though, maybe I am wrong. ¬†He wants to have sex, but not without me, but then again he often jokes that he needs to subs so that one can always be sucking his cock. ¬†okay, whatever… ¬†Anyway, in the sex department, I prefer to be dominated whether by male or female. ¬†And then there is the whole jealousy thing. ¬†…