Poly on my Mind

My Master and I have talked many times over the years about having another more permanent person in our lives. I would love to have a “sister-sub”. At least I think I might be able to enjoy that. My Master definitely wants another submissive and has always made that clear to me. He would like to have someone that is bisexual for me to play with as well as to serve him. Someone who would live with us as a “roommate” and perhaps be domestic. Anyway, I’ve always felt quite apprehensive, but on the other hand, most importantly want to keep my Master as happy as I possibly can. He tells me that I will always be number one and that we will always play together. I am so jealous at the thought of him spending time with someone else, whether sexual or not. I suppose it is something that I will have to learn how to cope with.

Any suggestions for learning to cope?

Day 3: How did you discover you were kinky?

I always had a fetish for being spanked and for being controlled.  It really was a turn on for me with my first sexual partner to be TOLD to do things  – mild though they were…such as to take my clothes off …NOW…even if riding in a car with him at night.  Years later…when internet became readily available to me, as I searched for spanking stuff, I came across BDSM stuff, though had NO clue what it was.

Then, when I met my Master.  He taught me so many things….so, so many.  I remember when I first started embarking into real BDSM with him, who was quite experienced, we would talk about limits and what we liked.  I remember that at the time I didn’t like really hard spanking.  I remember saying that I didn’t want marks ever left.  Wow! Have I changed!  I know want more, more, more.  I like it harder.  I WANT marks left.  I feel proud of marks and I actually feel sad if I have been spanked and then the next day don’t see anything, which actually is pretty often.  I don’t think I mark easily.  😦  I also wanted no part of having sex with others…..LOL…Wow!  Have I changed!  Now, I enjoy when we swing.  I still don’t know about a second sub, but, my Master is good, really, really good.  He is the one who very subtly changes me into what he wants.