Poly on my Mind

My Master and I have talked many times over the years about having another more permanent person in our lives. I would love to have a “sister-sub”. At least I think I might be able to enjoy that. My Master definitely wants another submissive and has always made that clear to me. He would like to have someone that is bisexual for me to play with as well as to serve him. Someone who would live with us as a “roommate” and perhaps be domestic. Anyway, I’ve always felt quite apprehensive, but on the other hand, most importantly want to keep my Master as happy as I possibly can. He tells me that I will always be number one and that we will always play together. I am so jealous at the thought of him spending time with someone else, whether sexual or not. I suppose it is something that I will have to learn how to cope with.

Any suggestions for learning to cope?

Day 20: Talk about something within kink/bdsm that you’re curious about/don’t understand.

Over time, there has been so many, many things. My Master has always been my ‘go to’ expert. I guess the thing that I’m most curious about presently is how a sister sub works. I understand the concept to be two subs who are under the same Master. One sub is usually over the other sub. According to my Master, it is the Master’s responsibility to make sure to take care of each sub, oversee the dynamics and ensure all goes well. I am curious as to how it could work. I see the possible fantasy of a Master having two subs, but their getting along, minus jealous issues seems so difficult!