A hookup this weekend?

My Master says that someone he met online is in town and may want to hookup. 


Where’s my wine!? Ahhhhh ok. Better now.

Not feeling very good about my body lately. Sigh. I promise. My body is a summer project. 

I’m not that much overweight, but I really need to lose 20 pounds. 

It’s also scary to hookup with someone my Master desires to fuck because duh…jealousy. Yes it can also be exciting. But THAT determination is unknown yet. 

I’ll keep y’all updated.

A Little’s Story

“She came home from her busy workday, smiled and hugged her Master.  It was so good to be home. He immediately puts her collar on.  He tells her to go to the bedroom and look on the bed.  Laying on the bed, is an outfit that looks like a little girl’s outfit, but is actually her size.  It consists of a simple short a-line dress, pretty pink frilly panties (where did he get those, she wonders), frilly white socks with lace and flat marydoll shoes, and a little bear holding a blanket, and a big soft fluffy blankie.  And a note, telling her to put her hair in pigtails, and put make-up on, being ready by 7pm.  And on the bedside table is a glass of her favorite wine and a pacifier.  Mmmmmmm.  Okay.  This is going to be interesting.  She feels the worries of the day starting to melt away as she prepares herself.  She puts her hair into two long pigtails, curling each side, so as to have bouncy curls.  She puts on make-up and some blush on her cheeks, so that she looks more childlike and red lipstick on her lips.  She sips that wine as she looks at the blankie and pacifier.  She sees that her Master wants her to feel vulnerable and she really wants to feel that way, too.  So, she pops the pacifier in her mouth, hugs the blankie to her cheek and takes a selfie, sending it to her Master at 6:45, early, believe it or not!  He comes into the bedroom and kisses her forehead and tells her that she is a good girl.  He wants to check her new panties and tells her to pull her dress up and turn around.  She does and then he wants to make sure that she is shaved properly, so he tells her to pull her panties down all the way to her ankles, and hold her dress up, so Daddy can check.  She has become the ultimate babygirl now, and he is THE Daddy.  Her Daddy.  And she wants to please him above all in the whole wide world.  And she is determined to do, just that.  After he examines her and her pussy and her ass, he tells her to pull her pants up and that they are going to have company in a little while and she MUST be a good girl.  She must remember to call him Daddy the rest of the evening and not forget, OR ELSE!!! She MUST not disappoint her Daddy.  So, she must please the company and also her Daddy.  Of course she will!  Soon, the company arrives.  He is tall, and a bit overweight, okay, not just a bit overweight, but actually pudgy, and a bit pasty looking.  He is balding, but not shaved.  (He would look better, if he shaved his head.)  He is definitely not as good looking as my Master, but nevertheless, I must please him as well as my Master.  So, Daddy tells his little girl to bring them drinks and not to spill.  She does, and without spilling, and so she is so proud.  Porn is playing on the tv and she must sit between them, he says.  He puts his arm around her and makes her feel safe.  The company rubs her knee, and then her thigh.  The company says he would like to inspect this little girl and so a repeat performance of spinning and showing panties and pussy is performed.    My Master asks her if she would like to kiss Daddy’s big cock and, of course, her answer is Yes, Daddy!   Daddy then pulls out his semi-hard cock and after she pops the pacifier out of her mouth temporarily, she kisses it tenderly. She is such a good girl.  Then he instructs her to kiss the company’s cock.  It is not impressive, but she MUST.  She kisses it as told and then Daddy tells her to sit back on the couch between them.  As she sucks her pacifier, which is similar to having a gag in her mouth, but more comforting, Daddy plays with her pussy, while the company plays with her boobs.  She moans here and there, but has to keep the binky in her mouth and so all her moans are muffled.  Then they switch and Daddy plays with her boobs and squeezes her neck, while the company plays with her pussy.  Then Daddy plucks out the binky and forces her down on his, now hard cock, pushing her head down hard, while she gags and struggles to suck him.  Over and over, up and down, holding her down here and there and then letting her up to breathe.  All the while, the company is fingering her and then fucking her from behind.  Oh, my.  She is not sure she can take it all like this.  But she can.  She is a good girl.  Suddenly, her Master starts fucking her mouth harder and harder as he sprays his cum down her throat and she swallows and swallows her Daddy’s delicious cum.  At the same time, the company can no longer hold back and fucks her and moans his pleasure into this good little girl.  They all relax on the couch, the company naked, and Daddy, too, all are spent, but also fulfilled.  Yes, she is a good little girl, she thinks as she sucks her binky, and leans on her Daddy, hugging her blankie. 
The company soon leaves and a disheveled little girl is getting sleepy, but Daddy wants more.  Go to the bathroom, he says, and stand in the tub.  She does as she is told because she is a good little girl.  Baby girl, he says, you were a good little girl, but now I need to see you humiliated.  Do you understand?  Yes, Daddy.  Because she will always strive to please him.  Now, I love you, but you need to lose some weight.  I know its hard, but you must try harder. You must start losing a pound a week or you will be punished.  And when you have lost 5 pounds, then Daddy will take you to buy a new dress.  (That is another story.  😉  Now, Daddy wants to see you pee your pants.  RIGHT NOW!!!  She is mortified.  She knows she must lose weight, but to actually address it.  And now he wants her to pee her beautiful frilly panties?  But, now, she is not being a good girl at all, because she is questioning him.  She sucks on her paci and tears start to form in her eyes.  She lets go and pees her new panties.  Even her frilly socks are getting peed on and part of her dress.  She is not crying, though, because she is wide eyed with what she has just done.  He says, You have peed your panties.  What do you say?  She pops the paci out of her mouth and says she is so sorry, sorry for peeing her new panties, and sorry for fat little tummy.  He orders her to undress.  She puts the paci back in her mouth and obeys and then he whips her.  Yes, he leaves marks on her breasts and her buttocks and her fat little tummy.  Bad, bad girl.  She cries, but whether from humiliation or from the pain, she does not know.  It doesn’t matter, really.  But, she will be better.  She will be better next time.  Daddy tells her to bathe and then get into her fuzzy pink pajamas.  She does as he demands and after she is all clean, she goes to the bedroom and finds him on the bed.  She cuddles up to him.  He holds her and says, You are a very good little girl and you have pleased me tonight.  And then they fall asleep.”

Five Guys and Two Girls

12am – I’ve got my pajamas on, brushed my teeth, settled in my bed for some brain yoga before turning out the lights.  yaaaawwwn.

Then, my Master tells me that he has a date for us, like right now!  (?!?!?!)

There is a little get together going on across town.  Four guys and one girl are having fun and we are going over to join them.  Okay.  First, I’m thinking.  Yikes!  I always get so nervous and scared when going over to play somewhere.  I worry about the same things you might imagine.  As I’m getting out of my pajamas and into some jeans and a shirt and my high heels and putting on makeup and a little jewelry and brushing my hair, I’m thinking…

Do I look okay? Wonder if I’ll be thought of as attractive?  (After all, I’m 48 and I could stand to lose 10 pounds.) Will it be fun?  Will I feel weird and out of place or will it all be good?  Will the girl mind if I am cutting in on her center of attention?

On top of all those questions, I also have anxiety about the fact that I’m on my period and so I won’t be fucking anyone.  I will, in fact, want to keep my pants on.  I will only be cock sucking, which my Master made clear to the host.

After I get dressed, and my Master is jumping in the shower, I drink a 1/2 can of soda to give me some caffeine and then my Master has poured me a glass of wine, which I down to calm my nerves.  My Master reassures me and tells me that I will be fine and that I can take it.  I like the feeling of being made to do these things.  It calms me.

We get there and my Master walks right in the door!  I’m assuming he was told to come on in.  We walk towards the moaning and into a large bedroom, where porn is happening live!  oh, wow! Everyone is naked.  The host says, to come on in and take our clothes off.  Two guys and the girl are on the bed. Arms and legs and moaning everywhere.  Two guys are standing by the bed, watching and stroking their cocks.

My Master tells me to go over and introduce myself to the guys watching.  I really don’t know what to do.  I move a little closer.  My Master goes to use the toilet and tells me that he meant for me to suck cock.  So, feeling a little sheepish, I get on my knees and start sucking the nearest cock.

I LOVE sucking cock.  I took turns sucking all the guys cocks, I think, except one.  He was totally interested in being right beside his girl, the other girl who was getting fucked on the bed.  I thoroughly enjoyed the cock sucking.  I can just use my skills, try to do my best and make my Master proud.  I don’t have to think, only listen to my Master telling to switch up or whatever.  He kept bragging about how good I was.  I was a little worried that I was not going to meet up to his bragging.  Then my Master had me to eat the girl’s pussy for awhile.  She had a very good body, small boobs, and a tiny pussy.  She tasted very good and I enjoyed sucking her clit, her lips and licking her from clit to ass as well as sticking my tongue in as deep as I could.

My Master is so awesome.  I really saw it last night.  He is so calm and cool and confident.  I really love that about him.  He really ALWAYS brings a relaxed atmosphere to every occasion.  He also has a great sense of humor, which helps everyone else to relax, too.  It helps me to relax and have a good time.  I know for a fact, that if I were with ANYONE else, that I don’t know if I could feel relaxed enough to have a good time.  In fact, I’m not sure I could make it through the door of a situation like that.  Not only do I feel more relaxed, (And let me tell you, you would never know that because much to my dismay, I turn into a giggling little girl, which I hate, and I’m trying to get over.) but also I know that he will watch over me and protect me.

3am – Everyone was exhausted.  Everyone else except us had been there and banging for hours before we arrrived.  They began to wrap things up, get dressed, and get ready to go home.

What a night! I enjoyed the attention.  I enjoyed more so, the attention that I was giving.  It seemed I was pleasing.  Most of all, my Master seemed pleased with me.  That is what I crave and need, most of all.  🙂

Result of Asking for a Whipping.

I was drinking, wanting attention, wanting to be spanked or whipped, as I posted.

My Master read the post, came in and proceeded to “pay me some attention”!

Following are copies of the conversation that he had with a friend about the experience. 











Why did I give this story a “!”?

This is a response to Master’s request as to why I reposted the story from VanillaMom and why I said that I liked it and why I gave it a “!”. Story here: https://vanillamom.wordpress.com/2015/03/21/bound-to-serve-1/

Many things in this story by VanillaMom, made me hot. My Master asked me to specify what it was that made me give this story an exclamation. So here are my thoughts:

I love the way this story seems realistic. This situation might be one that my Master might enjoy. I know that he likes me to dress up in lingerie and stockings. Posing in such a way in wait for him makes me very hot. The thought of not looking up to see what is going on. The submission to what will happen next. I like that. I want to be submissive and at times, not to have a say, just to have to do. The slight chance that others might see their Dominance and Submission is terrifying, yet exciting to me. Since she didn’t know what was going to happen, she was scared, yet she obviously was in total trust. I have that trust, too and would feel the same, I believe. It made me very hot, that in the story, he said, “open” and she was to spread wide for him her ass cheeks for him to use her pussy or her ass as he pleased. Having her asshole and pussy slightly whipped is extremely hot to me, even though I, myself, am not sure how much I can actually take. I love the way that real life entered in and it was time for dinner. She served him dinner, which I ADORE. This is not something that I normally do for my Master, because he is very picky and prefers to make his own dinner to his own specifications. But I love the idea of serving him, like a waitress or servant. The thought of my master eating his food off my belly, ok, that is really NOT a turn on for me, but the thought of him controlling my food like that – YES! Maybe not for me to eat off of the floor like a dog, although I would if he desired, but giving me a plate and removing it when he felt fit, is very submissive to me. Later, the breast torture – I am finding that it turns me on immensely to have my breasts and nipples slapped and tortured. It kind of humiliates me. I think that since I have have average or smallish boobs, that my boobs have not been much of a focus in my life and therefore I am NOW feeling an immense feeling when attention is paid to them. I wonder if others feel this way. My Master loves my tits and often says or shows me. This is so different and new that I feel immense pleasure and submission when he pays attention to them. I am proud that he desires to touch them or squeeze them or pinch or slap or otherwise torture them. I actually feel my clit swell with attention to my breasts. Yeah, its awesome.
An interesting idea to refrigerate lube and butt plug. I get the feeling that my Master may like to do more with my ass, but is reticent due to my reactions at times. I’m not sure though. I wish I knew. I guess here is an issue for communication. LOL I also like the rubber band torture. Just another thing that I think that my Master might like me to “take it”. It turns me on more to know that he wants it and desires it, versus that I might like a little pain. Understand the difference? I also loved that in the story, he sucked her clit, which I love. And I loved the fact that she was tied and could not resist. That is actually scary for me, but I want to experience it more, and therefore, the thought is hot. And then, last, but not least, I LOVED the way they rested entwined together after sex. Mmmmmmmmm! Yep, definitely a “!”.

“You Can Take It For Me!”

There are many words and phrases that we, as submissives, desire, yes, CRAVE, to hear. Over time, different words or phrases have made my insides cinch up and my face feel hot and I desire to serve. I love to hear, “Good Girl!”, but most recently, a new phrase has caught my submissive ear.

The phrase, “You can take it for me!” is such an intense phrase with so much to it. I have come to realize that I desire to please so much, that I want desperately to make my Master sexually pleased, in whatever way he desires. If it is in pain or degradation, then I want to do it. Sometimes, ok, a lot of the time, I am a total baby when it comes to pain. Quite a quandary, considering I like pain once I get to that certain point after buildup. And I desire pain a lot of times. Like when I’m not feeling good about myself or when I am really stressed. It really is a stress reliever. But when I hear the words, “You can take it for me!” I notice that I instantaneously become so compliant. It’s really kind of weird.

Anyone else experience this?

A Second Sub – Questions answered.

I recently wrote a post about gaining a second sub. It mostly contained questions and so this post, I thought I’d answer my questions as related to my relationship.

In my own relationship of more than 9 years with my Master, I have always known that my Master wanted more than one sub. I also knew when I met him that he would guide me to the place where I was comfortable with this, because he loved me so much and wanted to keep me as his number one, always.

I also know and respect, that in our relationship, we do not hide things from one another. We all see others that we view as attractive. We can either hide that fact, or we can share it with our partners. I would rather share in this fun, rather than wonder or have it hidden behind my back. My Master says that ALL pleasure comes from me, even pleasure from other women. So, I am involved in the sexual aspects as well as giving him the women that we share, in a sense. He always makes me feel in the number one spot that he has placed me. He lets others know this too and this seals my trust in him. My Master loves variety. And guess what? I do too. It’s so fun that I can never be bored. 😉

So, to the answer the question of Why? To add to our relationship. To serve my Master in many ways.

Will sex be secretive or shared? Most definitely shared. And this is what defines this kind of a poly relationship versus others that I have read about. He doesn’t date someone separately from me. This is a shared relationship.

Will time be separate, shared, or both? In our relationship, we have talked of times shared and separate. Times when all three of us will be together, times when he and she will be together and times when she and I will be together and times when he and I will still maintain our relationship. Sex would not occur without me, however.

Are the subs bi? Yes, most definitely, because playing all three of us together would be enhanced by this, since I am bi.

Is their a hierarchy? And what does that mean? In our relationship, I am the number one submissive and always will be. This means that my and Master’s relationship is primary. However, this does not mean, in our case, that I would be over another sub. I am not Dominant at all and cannot be a switch. So, if someone came along that was a submissive switch, she would be higher than me or over me. My Master would direct her to direct me, if that was his/her wish.

Is the second sub live-in? Is the first? I am the first sub and I am a live-in, 24/7, submissive that is also married to my Master. The second sub might be either. I imagine that we would start dating and see where it led. Ultimately, my Master would like to have his second sub live-in, to be more of a permanent or long-term relationship.

Is it because of wanting a poly household? How will that work? There are many types of poly households that I’ve read about. In our relationship, it would occur as roommates/family, with my Master as head and me and the second sub as sisters/friends. At least that is the goal.

Does the first sub want this also, or is this purely a want of the Dom? I have to admit that it has taken many years for me to actually DESIRE this, rather than just want it because my Master wants it. I have seen the advantages and gotten some tastes here and there of what it might be like. I am secure in my relationship with my Master, so that it actually appears doable. I can’t say that all my jealousies and apprehensions are gone, but I see them lessen and lessen all the time. My trust grows and grows as does my excitement.

Will the sub have input into choosing the second sub? How so? We have tried several different things over the years. I remember at first, we both tried to look online and peruse the net for possible dates in the BDSM lifestyle. But, I became so frustrated and upset and stressed. Why? Because it was so hard. I’m not very flirtatious and don’t often know what to say. So, then we changed it up and my Master did the leading, by searching profiles and sites and initiating conversations. I have all the passwords to all the sites and emails that he uses and I used to obsessively try to keep up. But, actually, that became too stressful, too. And honestly, sometimes, really boring, in that I really have other things to do than to read discussions that have to do with something that I’ve already discussed with my Master the night before. So, now, I believe that we have come up with another way that might work better. My Master continues to search and look and if he finds someone promising, then he tells me that he would like me to pick up into the chat or email. Of course, previous to this, he has already mentioned that he met someone interesting and told me some details and even sent me a few pictures. I think this method seems to work the best and we will see what the future holds. 🙂

If the goal is live-in, will dating come first? Amongst who?
I do not see how you could avoid dating first. In our situation, we have met all together casually like for coffee, first. Then we see what comes next. I think that dating would have to occur for a pretty good while before you would want to have a live-in, just as you would in any romantic, live-in arrangement.

Ultimately, is the sub for the Dom’s pleasure or for the sub’s, too? In what ways? In our relationship, the pleasure for the Dom is my main concern, but my Master wants us all to be compatible. Not only that, he wishes for me to have friendship and companionship as well. Which is why, he asks my input and we talk incessantly about it, but his decision is final.

If the sub is live in, will she have her own room or will they all share? In our situation, I don’t think that we have come to a conclusion about this yet. We have talked about both the second sub having her own room and us all sharing. Mostly, we have said that we would all sleep together in one bed.

What is the plan if resentment or jealousy start forming? What is the plan to try and prevent this? The obvious answer to this is open communication. I believe that if it is made clear that my Master and my relationship is primary, then there will be no competition because that spot is already established. I think it will be the Master’s responsibility to make sure that all his subs are feeling taking care of, having their needs met, and addressing problems right away. My Master is very good at communication and though I may not be the best at it, I feel that I have improved over time and I do try my best.

How is a sub sister different or the same as a sister wife in the realm of BDSM? I think of a sister wife more when I think of Mormonism, and in those relationships, the wives share the husband, but the wives are not sexual with each other. I’ve always thought more that subs would be on more of an equal par and in our case a threesome.

Has the subject been a long term one or is the subject new? For us, this subject has been as long term as our relationship has been.

Is the Dom missing something that his current sub cannot or does not provide or is the second sub an addition for enhancement? I believe in our relationship, that the addition of a sub is for enhancement. What I cannot provide, is myself as a clone. LOL
I would love to have the friendship of another sub to share life with. On another note, I have a heart condition and so I sleep more than the average person. My Master, on the other hand, is an insomniac. I imagine that another sub might be able to provide companionship at times I cannot. (I can’t say that I’m not jealous of this aspect, but knowing that sex would not occur without me makes me able to accept this a little better.)

So, this has been a long post. I’ve covered everything that I can currently think of at the moment about adding a second sub. I’m sure that I will have to update this as I find more questions and answers. Anyone have anything else to ponder?

A Second Sub?

Her Dom wants a second sub? 

What do you think of when you read that? I imagine that there are a million different responses, depending, actually, on that person’s own experiences, whether they are experiences that they have experienced themselves or experiences that they have read about. 

I think the first time that I heard about it, I was actually intrigued, but also thought, “how could this work? How can they stand it?”.

Another time I might have thought. “Ugh! He doesn’t really love his subs, they are only property”

Now, however, instead of thinking those things, I now have questions instead:

  • Why?
  • Will sex be secretive or shared?
  • Will time be separate, shared, or both?
  • Are the subs bi?
  • Is their a hierarchy? And what does that mean?
  • Is the second sub live in? Is the first?
  • Is it because of wanting a poly household? How will that work?
  • Does the first sub want this also, or is this purely a want of the Dom?
  • Will the sub have input into choosing the second sub? How so?
  • If the goal is live-in, will dating come first? Amongst who?
  • Ultimately, is the sub for the Dom’s pleasure or for the sub’s, too? In what ways?
  • If the sub is live in, will she have her own room or will they all share?
  • What is the plan if resentment or jealousy start forming? What is the plan to try and prevent this?
  • How is a sub sister different or the same as a sister wife in the realm of BDSM?
  • Has the subject been a long term one or is the subject new?
  • Is the Dom missing something that he current sub cannot or does not provide or is the second sub an addition for enhancement?

Any other thoughts or questions to ponder?