Masturbating with HOT and COLD

I feel the need to confess one of my masturbation techniques. Why? Well, because my Master is always asking me what I’m thinking about as I masturbate and I’m not sure I really know all the time. However, I think he might like to read this post. And, actually, I can see him being completely befuddled. Why? Because I HATE to be cold. I mean REALLY, REALLY HATE to be cold. I don’t like cold water at all. Does this make any sense? Uh, no.

In the shower, if I feel in the least bit horny, I usually conjure up some fantasy wherein I’m in a situation where I am very vulnerable and I’m being made to masturbate or someone is forcing me (through being tied up or restrained) to submit to being stimulated to orgasm. Who do I imagine this to be? Well, I know it sounds weird, but it is usually a random faceless image of a person. Shrug. Sometimes, okay, often, I imagine that I am undergoing some kind of medical exam and therefore I MUST submit to the stimulation. It usually doesn’t take me long to cum in the shower, but somehow or another, I discovered that I can come really quickly if I gradually change the water temperature from hot – which is how I like my showers, to cooler and cooler all the while letting the water run over my fingers while they rub my clit. I’m imagining that I must submit to this mild torture. And that thought really gets me off. The first time I came this way, I was shocked at myself. How in the world was this possible? I would have told anyone that putting cold water over my clit would make me stop in mid-orgasm!!! But, uh….it…well, it doesn’t. (blush)